Gayatri Bhatt

College & Charities

Coach G

Gayatri also known as “Coach G,” is an accomplished professional. Shaped by early days of playing, coaching and refereeing basketball, she leads clients as teammates. She empowers students, supports families, and inspires donors as a valuable guide during your major life decisions. With so many options for applying to colleges, maximizing scholarships and giving to charities–the process is overwhelming. She formed Zeal Insight to equip you with vast knowledge and navigate the journey together. She holds a Master of Arts in Higher Education, Bachelor of Arts in English and has 25 years of experience in philanthropy to support you.

Most of her expertise is from serving universities and colleges across the nation, directly impacting $42M and gaining a deep understanding of the intricacies of the academic enterprise. As a team member across nine fundraising campaigns, investments made by donors totalled $816M. Coach G’s services remain relevant even after students have started college. They seek her insight for leadership positions, undergraduate research, internships and interview preparation. In addition to her devoted service, her priority is making special memories with her loved ones. Also, her interests include films, music, dance, local cuisine and travel. Over the years, four generations of her family have made Cincinnati their home.

“Education transformed my life and is why I choose to energetically help others through this career path. It’s an honor to support families on the college journey and donors for their charitable giving. Only together, we can elevate and propel student success and nonprofit excellence.”

Gayatri is not affiliated with Cambridge and can not offer securities/advisory business.