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Financial Services

About Us

The Rosselot Financial Group is a well-respected member of the Cincinnati, Ohio tri-state business community. With decades of combined experience in the financial services industry, our organization has an experienced perspective combining tried fundamentals with new age vision. In addition, our staff strives to provide service that exceed expectations.

Our mission is to facilitate the creation and maintenance of financial independence for our clients while providing service that exceeds their expectations. Our financial advisors and financial planners provide and specialize in the following financial services:

“What If” Planning

What if you died prematurely? What if you were sick or hurt and couldn’t work? What if you required long term nursing care? Our advisors integrate protection planning with your long term cash flow projection.

Goals-Based Investment Advice

You have a vision. You know what you want. Our objective is to calculate a target rate of return and to build a portfolio that can get you there as safely as possible.

Education Funding

You’d like to give your children the best opportunity to succeed in life, but navigating the maze of education funding options can be intimidating. We can help.

Retirement Account Management

Do you participate in a retirement plan through work? For many this is their biggest asset. Unfortunately, most get little to no advice on their 401k or 403b. Studies have shown that those who get help fare better than those who go it alone. We have solutions to advise you on assets in your company’s retirement plan regardless of where the assets are held.

Company Sponsored Retirement Plans

Our advisors can help build, implement, and monitor a retirement program for your company.

Life View

Do you know where everything is? You should. Click here to learn more.

Career Opportunities

Are you an advisor looking to make a broker dealer change? Click here.

Are you interested in a career with The Rosselot Financial Group? Click here.

ProActive Review

Once we have implemented a plan and established accounts, our ongoing engagement includes monitoring. We have a process in place where your service team reviews your profile thoroughly each quarter. We have adopted strict standards to make sure things do not fall through the cracks. You will be communicated with throughout the process, and we are always available for other things that pop up. We know that will happen. It is part of life. Just know that when things are quiet, we are working hard each Wednesday morning making sure your plan is on track.

RFG Process


We will provide you with an Initial Meeting Checklist and our Connecting You To Your Investments piece, along with the following required disclosures – Form CRS and Form ADV. Once all necessary documents are gathered please schedule a meeting with advisor. Upon review, a fee arrangement will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the formalization of a plan.


Our advisors will put together a comprehensive financial plan. This plan will come complete with goal review, funding recommendations, portfolio analysis, insurance needs analysis and investment selection. This plan will be reviewed periodically to ascertain where you are in relation to your goals. In today’s volatile economic environment we use a variety of investment vehicles including Third Party Asset Managers (TPAM’s) or Separately Managed Accounts (SMA’s), exchange traded funds, mutual funds, variable annuities and non-traded alternatives. Our advisors perform extensive due diligence to help us identify managers who can help you to achieve your goals. We customize a strategy based upon your specific situation, including but not limited to your objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance and tax status.


During this stage you will be introduced to your service team who will guide you through all necessary steps to implement your strategy and set future expectations (preview of What to Expect).


Through continued due diligence review, economic updates, and our ProActive Review Process, we will communicate on recommended changes, investment performance and plan projections.

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