RFG Process

RFG utilizes fiduciary standards and prudent practices when working with our clients to develop a sound financial plan.

Details to our financial planning process:


We will provide you with an Initial Meeting Checklist and our Connecting You To Your Investments piece, along with the following required disclosures – Form CRS and Form ADV. Once all necessary documents are gathered please schedule a meeting with advisor. Upon review, a fee arrangement will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the formalization of a plan.


Our advisors will put together a comprehensive financial plan. This plan will come complete with goal review, funding recommendations, portfolio analysis, insurance needs analysis and investment selection. This plan will be reviewed periodically to ascertain where you are in relation to your goals. In today’s volatile economic environment we use a variety of investment vehicles including Third Party Asset Managers (TPAM’s) or Separately Managed Accounts (SMA’s), exchange traded funds, mutual funds, variable annuities and non-traded alternatives. Our advisors perform extensive due diligence to help us identify managers who can help you to achieve your goals. We customize a strategy based upon your specific situation, including but not limited to your objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance and tax status.


During this stage you will be introduced to your service team who will guide you through all necessary steps to implement your strategy and set future expectations (preview of What to Expect).


Through continued due diligence review, economic updates, and our ProActive Review Process, we will communicate on recommended changes, investment performance and plan projections.