Jaye Kosman

Gold Client Relationship Specialist

Jaye Kosman

Phone: 513-624-1314
Fax: 513-624-3124

Favorite Food: 

Good Indian Food! I could eat it every day, especially vegetarian korma with paneer.

Favorite Quote: 

“One creates oneself.” – Grace Jones

Favorite Holiday: 

My birthday. It’s like my own personal New Year’s Eve. I get to start my “new year”!

Favorite Book: 

It’s actually a series by Philip Pullman. His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass

Least Favorite Food:  


Favorite Concert:  

The Exploited 

What TV Show Are You Ashamed To Admit You Love? 

The Bachelor   
Jaye began working at RFG in 1991 working with Ron Rosselot, Retired CEO, while she attended the University of Cincinnati. She continued her career through college until 2003 when she decided to moved to Los Angeles, CA. There, she worked for Capital Group, whom many may be familiar with their American Funds. She worked her way up at Capital Group in the Private Client Services division over 15 years until deciding to work with TCW, LLC, in Corporate Management. Jaye returned to the Greater Cincinnati area in 2017 and returned to RFG in Client Service.