Katie Schaefer

Gold Client Relationship Specialist

Phone: 513-233-4314
Fax: 513-624-3124

Favorite Holiday: 


Bucket List :

Still need to run that marathon

Favorite Quote : 

“You rarely get what you want in life, you don’t often get what you expect. You get what you are willing to put up with.” – Bobby Knight

Greatest Fear: 

Public speaking.  Something terrible overcomes me and I just cannot form sentences; fear is written all over my face. 

Favorite City: 

New York City.  It is a fascinating place.  One I hope to explore time and time again.   

Favorite Travel Spot: 

Tybee Island. No frills, no fuss; just a quite beach.  

Katie’s extraordinary integrity makes her the quintessential team player. She’s never too busy to step up when a client or colleague needs a hand. Katie exemplifies the work ethic and attitude we want from our team. Very service oriented with a can-do attitude. She doesn’t allow obstacles to slow her from getting what the client needs.

Katie is a resident of Anderson Township, where she and her husband, Chris, are raising their beautiful daughter Eleanor.   Being a new mother has altered Katie’s life in the most positive manner and she loves spending her free time watching her little one grow and teaching her about the world.  She is also very passionate about photography and enjoys capturing life through the lens.  Lucky for us we have our own in-house photographer!